Saturday, July 12, 2014

not enough

salam alaik

i'm at utm, tersadai depan pc kat perpustakaan sultanah zanariah yang tercinta
when i should go to daurah by now
but it's ok, i should learn my lesson by now ait? *innamal a'malu binniat*

so, before i'm going back
i should write something here

what have we done so far
to people that we love?
to our brothers and sisters that need us?

and is that enough? enough to bring ourselves and the people that we love into jannah? enough to brag in front of Allah that we've at least done something to help?

i'm scared that it's not
and how we can be so sure that all our good deeds have been accepted by Allah?

you're maybe an awesome dai'e or dai'eyah in the campus
or maybe a super saiya murabbi in front of your collegue
but trust me, it's NOTHING if you're not practising the tarbiyah that you've got to save your beloved ones.
it's NOTHING if you're the one who futur sokmo during semester break!


and you said that you've been tarbiyah?

**azam for this 14th ramadhan - less talk, more amal/action

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