Friday, January 3, 2014


turn back and realized
how suddenly a little young girl can turn into who she's now
huhu drama queen is back people
plz bear with her

I miss to write
writing is one of the best way to express myself,
well I'm not good with words btw

currently listening to my mp3 player lists back in school years
never thought that I've been growing up with MCR, good charleotte and david archuleta?
hehe kids nowadays, you're all so gonna not know them anymore ait? hmm kpop has take over the entertainment world anyway. how time past so quick..

sometimes I will ask myself
what makes you into this now? I never thought (even once) to be with this path anymore.

I always blame mak for making me into smka
I have to give up my stages year. my dream to be in band. arts are always my passion.
but suddenly this cheerful little girl turn to be quiet lonely girl, always longing to public phone, begging mak and ayah datang and take her home. keke the first week in asrama, I called home like everyday? and pengalaman kena talking back by own kakak katil. will never forget about it.

being in asrama make me love to study even more. I loss passion in almost everything else except study. well still remember the very first time I failed my add math test in form 4. I cry like crazy while talking with mak, everybody in dorm stared at me like weirdo. how pathetic to think again. I can't think what will happen to my future if I'm not doing good in my study. what else can I do?

huhu who knows that girl is the one who advise people that life is more than just passed an exam? how irony is that?

keke randomness. will write again later

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